System control offers periodic and preventive maintenance solutions that can extend the life of your equipment in service and also help in avoiding unexpected breakdowns. With over three decades of experience in switchgear manufacturing we provide our unmatched expertise in switchgear testing and maintenance to help companies rest assured that their electrical equipment is safe and in sound working condition. We provide services on switchgear equipment irrespective of their make and manufacturer.

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Replacement of oil circuit breakers with vacuum circuit breakers is called ‘retrofitting’. At System Control, we specialize in such applications. We provide retrofitting of old / obsolete MOCB/BOCB/ACB of any make, in order to protect the investment sunk into existing infrastructure and to extend the service life of operational units. Systems Control has experience in retrofitting various makes of oil/sf6/air circuit breakers with required specifications of vacuum circuit breakers.

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System Control has a strong, customer-centric quality and post-installation policy that is driven by the need for long-standing quality and value. Our qualified, well trained service team imparts training and education to the operational staff at the customer’s site for a better understanding on operational and maintenance aspects of the products. We also maintain a direct line of communication with the client to ensure timely service, and to implement their feedback without delay.

We provide continued maintenance services:

  • To ensure safety of operating personnel
  • To extend the life cycle of the equipment and to realize its full working life
  • To avoid unexpected flash overs and failure of peripheral equipment
  • To ensure zero plant downtime
  • To know beforehand what needs to be changed and where.