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Product Range

  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels

  • Porcelain Clad Vacuum Circuit Breaker

  • Load Break Switch

  • Off-Load Isolator

  • Retrofit Type VCB

  • Vacuum Contactor

  • Double Bus Bar Switch

  • Ring Main Switchgear

  • Indoor/Outdoor Control Panels

  • Single Pole Vacuum Contactor

  • NGR / LA VT Panel

  • All Types os Starter Panels
  • Vacuum Contactor Up to 6.6 kV
    Technical Details
    Technical Details

    System Control SYSCON Type Vacuum Contactor are manufactured under strict quality control; and have been designed to require little maintenance. These contactor's can be used for versatile applications such as for high voltage motor, transformer, capacitor for improving power factor, electric furnace which require high frequency switching etc.


    These contactors can be applied to the following starters and switches.
    a. Starter of full voltage starting : Reversable and non-reversable.
    b. Starter of reduced voltage starting star delta conversion, reactor, korndorfer(A.T.S).
    c. Starter of secondary - resistor, starting of wound rotor type motor.
    d. Switch in primary circuit of transformer.
    e. Switch for capacitors.

    Maximum applicable load capacity:
    Load 3.3kV  6.6kV
    Motor 2000 4000
    Transformer(KVA) 2500 5000
    Capacitor(KVAR) 20002000
    Salient Features
  • Solid State Circuit using advanced IC's facilitates achieve dual control voltage by changing the selector switch in the circuit. Hence no need to stock variety of coils and other related products.

  • Use of solid state device reduces the power consumption.

  • Low chopping current and least Switching surges.

  • Maintenance free, long life and suitable for high switching frequency.

  • Optional Features
  • Fully draw-out type contactor.

  • Mechanical Interlock for FWD / REW operation.

  • Vacumm Contactor

    Draw-out Vacuum Contactor

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