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Quality & Reliability Our Way of Life Group Of Companies |  Cortina Sugam

1.Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels Up to 36 kV (Indoor/Outdoor)

2.Porcelain clad Vacuum Circuit Breaker Up to 36 kV

3.SYSCOM Load break Switch Up to 630 A 12/24kV & LBS Panel

4.SYSAIR Off-Load Isolator Up to 36 kV / Isolator Panel

5.Retrofit Type VCB

6.Vacuum Contactor Up to 6.6kV

7.Double Bus bar Switchboard

8.Ring Main Switchgear,Unitized Sub-Station

9.Indoor/Outdoor Control Panels

10.Compact VCB / Single Pole Vacuum Contactor

11.NGR / LA VT Panel

12.All Types of Starter Panels(DOL,Auto Transformer & atator / Rotor)

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