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Product Range

  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels

  • Porcelain Clad Vacuum Circuit Breaker

  • Load Break Switch

  • Off-Load Isolator

  • Retrofit Type VCB

  • Vacuum Contactor

  • Double Bus Bar Switch

  • Ring Main Switchgear

  • Indoor/Outdoor Control Panels

  • Single Pole Vacuum Contactor

  • NGR / LA VT Panel

  • All Types os Starter Panels
  • SYSVAC - Porcelain Clad Vacuum Circuit Breaker Up to 36 kV
    Technical Details
    Product Details:

    SYSVAC-PCVCB Generally complies with IEC 62271 - 100 / IS 13118.


    System control porcelain clad vacuum circuit breaker type SYSVAC-PCVCB, is factory assembled tested breaker suitable for outdoor use. PCVCB can be connected to overhead lines and widely be used for various applications with reliability.


    The PCVCB is always supplied with basic structure to be mounted at site. The breaker can be installed on plinth of adequate height to meet the statutory requirement of clearence of HT live parts from ground level. This requirement can also be achieved by providing base frames as optional. The outdoor porcelain clad vacuum circuit breaker is of open terminal type construction, with vacuum interupter housed in whether proof porcelain. Manual / Motor operating spiring charging facility and shunt trip features available in weather proof enclosure to IP55 degree of protection.

    Optional Features:

    Control and relay panel, suitable for indoor/ outdoor application. Outdoor CT's Outdoor PT's mounted on integral breaker pedestal available as optional feature.

    12/36 kV Porcelain Clad Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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