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Product Range

  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels

  • Porcelain Clad Vacuum Circuit Breaker

  • Load Break Switch

  • Off-Load Isolator

  • Retrofit Type VCB

  • Vacuum Contactor

  • Double Bus Bar Switch

  • Ring Main Switchgear

  • Indoor/Outdoor Control Panels

  • Single Pole Vacuum Contactor

  • NGR / LA VT Panel

  • All Types os Starter Panels
  • SYSCOM - Load Break Switch Up to 630 A 12/24 kV
    Technical Details

    System control type load break switch generally complies with IEC - 265/IS-9920.


    Compression switch-disconnector combine the function of a switch and disconnect or in one unit. The switches are capable of making, carrying and breaking currents under normal service conditions. The compression switch disconnector can also carry abnormal current for a certain period of time. (e.g) short circuit current. Typical application include switching of transformers, overhead lines, capacitors, cables & ring mains.

    Principle of operation:

    The compression switch disconnector works on the principle of extinguishing the arc by a blast of compressed air produced by the switch itself while opening. With main moving contact tube, the arcing contact and the piston move along in the pressure cylinder which is made from insulating material. The piston compresses the air which expels under pressure through the queching nozzles surrounding the arcing contact. When the main contact reaches a certain distance the circuit is interrupted by the arcing contact and in the same time a blast of compressed air extinguishes the arc. During the closing operation the arcing contact in held back due to the piston retarded in the contact tube and hence the making current will be carried by the main moving contacts. The switches are equipped with a toggle spring mechanism which independent of the operator's skill ensures both high opening and high closing speed. The switches are fitted with built-on fuse bases equipped with an additional tripping mechanism.

    Salient features Optional accessories
    1. Compact dimension and the reliable design 1. Earth switch mechanically interlocked with main switch
    2. Simple and robust construction 2. Auxiliary contacts 2no+2nc (or) 4no+4nc
    3. Saves valuable space due to sliding contacts 3. Shunt trip coil of standard voltage
    4. Best engineering plastic is used to ensure better electrical and mechanical properties 4. Built on fuse base with trip mechanism

    LBS With Fuse Trip Mechanism

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