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Product Range

  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels

  • Porcelain Clad Vacuum Circuit Breaker

  • Load Break Switch

  • Off-Load Isolator

  • Retrofit Type VCB

  • Vacuum Contactor

  • Double Bus Bar Switch

  • Ring Main Switchgear

  • Indoor/Outdoor Control Panels

  • Single Pole Vacuum Contactor

  • NGR / LA VT Panel

  • All Types os Starter Panels
  • SYSAIR - Off Load Isolator Up to 36 kV / Isolator Panel
    Technical Details
    Product Details:

    SYSAIR type Load break switch generally comply with IEC 265/IS-9920. SYSAIR type Off-Load Isolators generally comply with IS-9921.


    SYSAIR Load break Switch is a triple pole unit for indoor installation. SYSAIR Load break Switch can advantageously and economically replace the more expensive circuit breaker for certain applications. The SYSAIR load break switch is intended for switching of transformers, capacitors, over headlines, cables and ring mains. Load break switch fitted with in built fuse trip mechanism and with HRC fuses can provide protection against short circuit and also be used to limit current in the network where the allowed short circuit level has been exceeded.


    SYSAIR load break switch are suitable for panel mounting type. SYSAIR offers you a simple and compact construction with EPOXY support, double switch blades and forged contacts with arc quenching chamber, lagging pin and loop less current path. The Nylon/FRP insulation provides SYSAIR the advantages of lighter weight, greater electrical safety and mechanical strength.

    The main frame is welded steel and the contacts are mounted on EPOXY insulators. The upper fixed contact houses the arc quenching chamber and the connection terminal. SYSAIR is equipped with spring-assisted mechanism, due to which constant speed is achieved during opening & closing and is provided with stored energy tripping device.


    SYSAIR load break switch offers quick make and quick break mechanism through spring. The speed of operation is independent of the operator. The state of the art of blending two principles of hard gas quenching and large surface cooling of PVC is effectively used in Sysair Load break switch for handling large and low current switching.

    Special features

    1. Compact & reliable design
    2. Rated short circuit making capacity up to 20kA (rms) 50kA (Peak) & make/ break up to 630 AMPS
    3. Tripping possible by means of fuses or relays
    4.Tested in accordance to IS/IEC standards
    5.The dry type arc quenching chambers join two switch principle for safe disconnections of heavy and small current
    6.Due to the Nylon/FRP insulation, the load break switch has a lighter weight and greater electrical safety and mechanical strength

    Earth switch

    mechanically interlocked earth switch available as an optional item.

    Standard accessories

    Auxiliaryswitch 1 No +1nc(optional 2 no+2nc & 4no +4nc)

    Load break switch available with the following combinations:

    Sysair load break switch + auxiliary switch
    Sysair load break switch + auxiliary switch + earth switch
    Sysair load break switch + auxiliary switch + fuse trip mechanism
    Sysair load break switch + auxiliary switch + fuse trip mechanism+shunt trip
    Sysair load break switch + auxiliary switch + fuse trip mechanism + earth switch

    Load Break Switch1

    Load Break Switch2

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