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Quality & Reliability Our Way of Life Group Of Companies |  Cortina Sugam

Quality is the backbone of any organization.We at system control have made Quality and building reliable products our way of life. We adhere to international Quality standards and we have been certified ISO 9001:2000. The company has an excellent quality system starting from design,technology,testing and service. We at System control follow the following guidelines at all levels to achieve the international standards of quality management system.

1.We focus on designing and manufacturing products with safety features.
2.We Follow industrial safety standards within the organization.
3.We achive customer satisfaction by consistently delivering the products and services on time.
4.We impart training and educate the operational staff of our customers at their site or at our works to give them a better understanding of our product.
5.we do continual improvement in all our processes to meet the growing demands and new standards of the industry.

Test Facilities

Our products are subject to exhaustive tests and the testing is done in-house. We have state of art testing infrastructure and a dedicated testing team who have helped us in putting a tag of Quality & Reliability in our products.
All routine tests, mechanical operated test, milli volt drop test, high voltage test & all current operated meters & relays are tested in house as per IS with computerised & manual testing kits.


We have understood that Quality and reliability can be achieved by integrating the different processes.Today enterprise resource planning has become a giant step taken by companies to achieve quality. We at system control are in the process of implementing ERP within the organisation to benefit not only us but also every one associated with us.

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